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Social Skills


I am socially inept, so I looked up some tips on how to improve my social skills.

1. Make Small Talk but Don't
What? How am I supposed to make small talk, and not make small talk...? Is there like a medium talk that's small and long...? Okay, so number one is no help... how about number two?

2. Focus on What is Going On Around You
I tried this, and can't say it works. Does this mean focus on my environment, because when I do that I end up getting the what-for, or the why-aren't-you-listening-to-me-look, when I am listening, just not looking... okay... either I have a helpless case or something else..

3. Ask Some Follow Up Questions
Okay, now we're talking, I can do this... (after I tried) Nope. Just Nope. People I talk to are too busy talking, and now I don't want to interrupt. Ahhh...

4. Share Personal Stuff About Yourself 
I suck at this... I know that before trying, but here I go. Wait, how do I start a conversation if I don't know what to talk about. I'm gonna start making statements about myself, and I have a feeling people will say something like, "What? Where did that come from? We were talking about something entirely different..." How am I supposed to respond to that? "Umm, I read online that I was supposed to do that...?"

5. You Must have an Approachable Body Language 
What qualifies as an 'approachable body language'? I find that when I focus on my body language I end up walking funny...

6. Don't Dismiss People Too Soon
Ummm, I am socially inept... what makes you think I can even say enough to do that?

7. When We Get Nervous We Think We Have to Be Perfect
How does this help??? I already knew this!!! Ahhhhhhh!!!!

8. Get with Groups When Socializing 
Now this I can do. But wait, my friends are insane, now I look like a weirdo. Well, better they know what I can be like before things get personal.

Okay... I'm not that bad at socializing, but I sure had fun researching this topic. 
Have a GREAT weekend!

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  1. From one socially inept person to another, love you just thevway you are .


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