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How to Tell If Your Cat is Trying to Take Over the World

Is your cat a super genius in disguise? Really think about it! I'm serious! This is a serious question! *internally breaks out laughing*.... okay, not that serious, but it is definitely something worth contemplating!!

How do you tell if your cat is trying to take over the world? What gives it away? And yes, I am seriously asking this *still laughing internally*! Maybe the first step is asking whether or not your cat can play chess. THIS IS A SERIOUS QUESTION! Everyone knows that the bad-guys are more often than not super awesome chess players, and that's how they can take over the world so well.

Sooooooo??? Is your cat good at chess? Maybe the real question isn't are they good at chess, but whether or not they play chess. I mean, who's cat wouldn't take the time to smack around a few chess pieces if they didn't have a chance. (Food for thought!) I know my cat would absolutely love that!

Speaking of smacking things around, do you think I should be concerned with how aggressive my cat can get when she's stalking a hair-tie laying on the floor? Maybe not aggressive, but she is methodical in her prowling for sure. Have you seen the way cats love to chase hair-ties?!?! Or even better, the way they attack toy mouse's!?!? *suddenly contemplating seriously about Evil-Kitty possibility*

*Nope. Still laughing hysterically*

Maybe the real question is whether or not your cat possesses all the traits of an Evil-Kitty that is secretly planning to take over the world. To be an Evil-Kitty, you'd have to be bossy. CHECK! I mean, why else does a cat meow? Am I right?!?! 

Part two... Aggressive? Well, sometimes evil masterminds are aggressive, sometimes not... but CHECK anyway... Evidence is pouncing (which I think my cat must perceive as fun... I mean, even I think it would be fun to go around pouncing on things...) Methodical. Yep. Definitely CHECK! Chess pieces and toy-mouse-stalking have proven that to be true.

Wow... is my cat really an Evil-Genius-Mastermind trying to take over the world!?!

*begins laughing harder*

What am I kidding?! She's just trying to take over my world. You silly kitty! All you want is attention!!

*Imagines Evil-Kitty laughing at how easy it was to fool me...*


Let me know in the comments: Is your cat a super Evil-Mastermind planning to take over the world!
(Numa!! I'm looking at you, kitty!!)

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