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One Day Till Christmas!

ALMOST CHRISTMAS!!! JUST ONE MORE DAY!!!! Are you ready? (*marks the beginning of last minute gift-giving panic*) Let the day commence!

Sorry if I caused any of you panic due to my not-so-hilarious comment above. I wish you all the BEST Christmas Eve and the most AMAZING Christmas EVER!

Does your family have any Christmas Eve traditions? (Let me know in the Comments!) 

My family sure does. Christmas Eve night can get busy-ish! My brother and I will open our presents from each other (only those though, we leave the rest for Christmas morning), and then we go Christmas Light viewing, which usually means driving to the house in town that plays Christmas music on the radio to their fancy lights set up in front of there house. 

And, we may or may not go there every year because of the candy canes they hand out too (hehehe...)!

Tis the Season! Enjoy the last day before Christmas, the second-to-last Friday before 2022, and an AWESOME Christmas Eve!

I'll be praying for a White Christmas! Merry [Early] Christmas EVERYONE!

P.S. I think Pippa (my Kitty) is ready for Christmas... Don't you think? Beside the picture above that we took last year showing her Christmas Spirit, she's been hiding out under the tree a lot! I'm sure she can't wait to play with the wrapping paper from presents, and she's probably super happy that the tree skirt will be cleared off and she can move it around once more!