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Cute Baby Animals Photoshoot

Spring is surely here! Minus a few freak snow storms every once in a while... but the snow always melts! Nature loves to show off its beauty in the early spring months with blooming flows, green grass, and so many cute baby animals. This baby deer no longer has their spots, but it won't be long until you'll start to see the white-spotted deer in the forests.

Nature has created so many cute babies, and since Montana is home to beautiful nature, I decided to put together a photoshoot of some of the cutest baby animals that can be found in Montana!

Up first: The Kitten!!
Image Citation: By ilyessuti (Unknown Year)
Okay, this is probably much more of a crazy kitty... but isn't this kitty cute!?! 

The Puppy!!
Image Citation: By AlesHava (Unknown Year)
That has got to be the cutest face ever! Isn't this puppy cute!?!

The Goat!!
Image Citation: By susungkim (Unknown Year)
Such a tiny animal! And still soooooooo cute!

The Chick!!
Image Citation: By onefox (Unknown Year)
Awwww! Bright yellow baby chicks look so cute!

The Foul!!
Image Citation: By rihaij (Unknown Year)
This foul sure seems like it's having fun! Isn't this foul cute!?!

And Finally: The Piglet!!
Image Citation: By Alexas_Fotos (Unknown Year)
Look at those spots! Isn't this little pig cute!?!

Nature is full of so many cute animals, I've barely scratched the surface! Have a SUPER FANTASTIC day and a LOVELY spring!

Let me know in the comments which animal you think is the cutest!