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Tell Me Something Only You Would Know

A while ago, I started what you could call a tradition. When I text new people, before ever putting the name into my contacts, I first ask the new number: "Tell Me Something Only You Would Know?" Of course, I know who the number belongs to, but I find it so much fun to ask this question!

Here's My Answer:

"If you put lotion on your hands, then pet the cat, your hands will be coated in cat hair."

My friends and I have a big group chat, so I asked the group, and the answers I got back were incredible. I mean, one didn't know how to answer... Two didn't answer at all... But one said:

"If you run into a wall hard enough, you can knock yourself out."

I love the answers I keep getting from people. And to think, the reason I asked the question in the first place was because I wanted to make sure I was texting the right person. That person gave me the best answer I have had yet. I was laughing so hard to the point my Mom was giving me that look that said, "Are you going to share?" Here's what I got in response the first time I asked, "Tell Me Something Only You Would Know?"

They replied:

"If you stick a rubber dinosaur up your nose, it will get stuck."

Isn't that the best answer ever!?!?! I encourage you to try asking your friends this question. The answers you get have the likelihood to be INCREDIBLE! Let me know in the comments, What's Something Only You Would Know? Have a GREAT day!

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  1. You have me stumped on this one. I'll think on it.


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