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Day Four: Maple Syrup Day

Early morning, sun shining off the snow, the smell of pancakes drifting to your room where you lay snuggled up in nice warm blankets. Now this, describes the perfect morning! Day four in our WEEK BEFORE CHRISTMAS special: National Maple Syrup Day. There is nothing better than having a BIG YUMMY breakfast on Christmas morning, and now, 8 days from Christmas, is a great time to plan Christmas breakfast.

For just about any special breakfast, bacon and sausage are on the top of my list. Sausage links are even good dipped in maple syrup! Not only are sausage links and bacon good in maple syrup, but so are waffles, pancakes, and even french toast. And if you're a huge maple syrup fan, a common tradition on maple syrup day would be perfect for you. On maple syrup day, a tradition is to drink syrup right out of the bottle! I don't think I could handle the amount of sugar I would intake by doing that, but the sugar rush sounds dreamy!

Okay, time to go out of the box.. hmmm, what else could maple syrup go with? Donuts? Eggs? No, not eggs, that just minimizes the effects of the sugar load. Fruit? Veggies? Bleh, nooooo, not veggies! Veggies and maple syrup just sounds wrong... and disgusting!

If you're the breakfast maker on Christmas morning, or your family opens presents before breakfast and you want to do something special, making a Christmas morning Syrup-y breakfast is a GREAT gift idea! Happy National Maple Syrup Day! Let me know in the comments any weird foods you think would go well with maple syrup, and subscribe to Montana Teen Life to get notifications when new posts are published! Day Four down, only one more to go before Saturday's special post!

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  1. Love maple syrup! Even when it gets on my scrambled eggs.


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