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Happy Kitty, Happy You

A simple philosophy! Happy Kitty, Happy You... right?! A happy kitty makes for a nice kitty, an awesome cuddle buddy, and a best friend. Well, at least, sometimes... Happy National Cat Health Month!!

Of course, you could take this literally and think keeping your kitty healthy means you need to schedule a vet check-up... but from my experience that is rarely the story. All a kitty needs to be healthy is to be happy! 

You know what that means?

It means keeping a constant supply of empty card board boxes around :)

Okay, not entirely, but I know my kitty LOVES a good cardboard box... and yes, that kinda sounds like my kitty likes to eat the box, but that is NOT the case. Cardboard boxes are just irresistible! (Or at least it seems like it...) The smaller the box, the better!! Right, Kitty?! Even if it's harder to fit in?!

Having a cardboard box (or a few) around is only step one to a happy kitty! If I'm being honest, my kitty certainly has moods every once in a while where all she needs is some love (after all, it's almost Valentine's Day).

Hint: This is where the happy YOU comes in! (If you're a Cat-Lover, that is!)

Are kitties needy little creatures? Yes, they are. But are they also adorable? UNDOUBTEDLY!!

In my (crazy, somewhat kitty obsessed) opinion, every kitty deserves Kitty Cuddle Time! Interpret that how you would like. In my case, that means waking up just a little bit earlier to get my Early-Bird-Kitty some cuddle time in the morning!

Side Note: Cats are always Early-Birds, right? I mean, how else would they catch birds? 

Anyway... Kitty Cuddle Time in the early morning doesn't exactly make a Happy Me... Just an Annoyed Me. So, you ask, how do you go about being happy if your kitty is? GREAT QUESTION! In my case, that usually means an additional Kitty Cuddle Time or a Kitty Photoshoot! If a Kitty Photoshoot doesn't make you happy, not much will!

I LOVE to take photos of my kitty! If the 120+ photos of my kitty in my photo album doesn't convince you, I don't know what will! I have photos of my kitty in some boxes, photos of her having some snuggle time with just about every member of my family. And the best part is when I go back and look at them all and see what an ADORABLE kitty she is!

Oddly enough, I was fully expecting myself to want to go pet my kitty now, but nope... she was much too annoying this morning :) Maybe a happy kitty is a sleeping kitty and a happy you is someone with a little alone time away from a kitty? Food for thought.

Happy National Cat Health Month!

If you have a kitty, let me know in the comments what HAPPY things you and your kitty do together? 


P.S. Did you know that cats are rated one of the easiest pets to take care of!?!

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