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Comic Book NERD

Title accepted! Although I'm not a 100% Comic Book NERD, I still fully believe the title applies. I mean, I have 100+ comic books... why wouldn't it!? Okay, okay, no-ones called me that... let's just say its a self-appointed title :)

Anyone else a Comic Book NERD? Please tell me I'm not the only crazy person who loves to read superhero comics! Or ANY comics for that matter! I'm probably close to a 90% Comic Book NERD (works for me)!

I don't know what got me so interested in comics in the first place, probably the fact I wanted to write a screenplay for a movie on a DC superhero... yeah, that's probably it! Yes, I do realize that just about every sentence I've written so far has ended in an exclamation point... but I was CRAZY about this AWESOME idea for a while!

Here was my plan:

Step One: Research superheroes that no-one has heard of, but are really AWESOME!

Step Two: Pick Nightwing!! (Yes, the first step is a little futile considering I already basically knew the superhero I wanted to write about, but it was fun!)

Step Three: Find out EVERYTHING there is to know about Nightwing! (If you don't know who Nightwing is, I highly recommend you read those comics. He's who Robin becomes after he grows up and exits from under Batman's wing!)

Step Four: Find pictures online of little snippets from Nightwing comic books and read them all!

Step Five: Get the comic books and READ!

Step Six: START writing the TV show!

P.s. Step Six didn't work out so well... I wasn't very good at finishing any of my writing projects back then. Turns out having an imaginative mind that wants to try new things is not always good for commitments... (oddly, school essays do not apply...)

Even though the entire plan didn't work out as well as I had hoped, the whole plan gave me a newfound love for comic books! Since this plan, I've read SOOOOO many other comics!

Silly as it is though, my plan has morphed into something new... now, I want to WRITE comic books! Okay, I'm not an artist, so that would mean finding one, but I can already imagine the possibilities! My comic books would obviously be superhero comics, because... well, why not?!

I'm thinking a superhero that is sorta a mix between Spiderman, Nightwing, and Ironman! Sounds cool, right!?!

Obviously this idea is brand new, and I'm in the middle of another writing project right now, so it will have to wait, but it sounds like SOOOOOO MUCH FUN!!!

Time to read some more comics!

Let me know in the comments:
Are you a Comic Book NERD?
If you wrote a superhero comic book, what would your superhero be like?

Happy Reads Everyone!


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Image taken by Grace, Author of Montana Teen Life