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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

"I can't cook a Thanksgiving dinner. All I can make is cold cereal and maybe toast."
     --Charlie Brown

FUN FACT: Turkey doesn't make you sleepy!
True fact. The thing is, it's all the other food you eat that makes you sleepy! Don't hate on that super delicious turkey! If you have been reading my blog from last year, don't forget what I said. I mean it when I said I'm a leg girl and that turkey's are STUPID!

Some of My Families Favorite Thanksgiving Foods:

Mommy - Pumpkin Cheese Cake Pie (Or rather, Pumpkin Surprise Pie... it is sooooo much better than regular Pumpkin pie! Imagine Cheese Cake topped with Pumpkin Pie... YUMMY YUMMY)

Daddy - He's married to my mom. Obviously it's also the Pumpkin Cheese Cake Pie!

Brother - Mashed Potatoes! :) (Every year... never changes... can't get away with not making any :))

Grandma - STUFFING!!!! Of, and with Gravy... and lots of onions... and lots of celery :)

Grandpa - Okay, funny story... so I went to ask my Grandpa what his favorite Thanksgiving food is and well, the TV was on, it was almost 7:30pm... and he was sleeping! So I asked Grandma, she says "Turkey Giblets and Turkey Gizzards"... (BLEH... if you ask me...)

Aunt K - Her sister says her favorite is Green Been Casserole. Well, I hope I can make it good... that's my job for tomorrow!

Great Grandma - Umm, well, she would fight with someone else in the family for the... wait for it... turkey butt.... bleh!!!!!!!

Me - TURKEEEEEEY!!!!!!!! (Or Pumpkin Cheese Cake Pie!)

My asking my family, "It's the night before Thanksgiving! Help! What should I write about on my blog post?"... sparked a conversation about food that my Grandma's Grandma once made. Bleh! Here's your funny family thing to do today: Find an old person (don't tell them that their old... hehehe...) ask them what their Grandparents used to make for them to eat that was disgusting. It'll spark the conversation!

Also, riddle me this. Why do some families still make those really disgusting foods? Sure, maybe one person in the family really likes that really disgusting thing and doesn't want to let go of that really old tradition and really old family recipe... but really? Why still make it? Really?

Let me know in the comments: 
What you are thankful for this year? 
I'm thankful for my AWESOME family, my HILARIOUS friends, the roof over my head, the food on the table, the water in the sink, the Lord above and soooooo much more!
And...What's your go-to Thanksgiving food?

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