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A Part of the Band

Okay, so first things first, let me just start by saying it has been my dream since I was a little girl to be a part of a band. Sure, back then, I thought I was going to be a lead singer, but since then, some things have changed. Now, I want to be the lead keyboard/piano for a band! And just the other day, I finally got my chance to join one!

First for some context: 
Every Sunday (just about) since August, I've been going to my Church's youth group. Which by the way, is one of the best parts of the week because of the two people who lead it! There couldn't be anyone better to lead a High School Youth Group other than those two. 
Anyway, so one day, one of the leaders comes up to me and asks me what I want to see in a Youth Group. I couldn't think of much, so I just went with "Worship" because it sounded like something every Youth Group should have. Long story short, eventually they announce a soon to be "Youth Led Worship Band"... and I'm not kidding you, right then and there, my brain EXPLODED! I WAS SOOOOO HAPPY!!!
So, of course, I signed up to play keyboard!

On the First Day of Practice...
I met the Wonder Twins! Okay, that's not really their names and that nickname wasn't my idea (it was my Dad's)... but anyway, it stuck! Honestly, I think it stuck because my Dad wasn't far off with that nickname. They really are the Wonder Twins in every way possible. I mean, they already have a BAND!!!!

If you have Instagram, Check Them Out! There band name is FalseFiction!

Besides the Wonder Twins though, there is SOOOO MUCH TALENT IN THE BAND! There are two middle school girls. Sisters. Not twins, that are going to sing! Sure, I haven't heard them sing yet, but I have noooooo doubt they are AWESOME singers! There are also two other guitarists, besides one of the wonder twins... and WOW do they have sooooooo much talent! And, there are maybe 3 different drummers (Wonder Twin included) that are soooooo AWESOME! We even have someone for AV (audio/video)! Who knows if we'll get more talented people, but at this rate, I'm really hoping for it!! AND, the guy who has brought this worship band together is part of the (adult) Worship Band, so he probably knows everything they is to know about worship!!

If you can't tell already... I AM SOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!!

Our first Worship Night is going to be this coming Sunday! I CAN'T WAIT!!!

We'll be playing:
Good Good Father by Chris Tomlin
Highlands (Song of Ascent) by Hillsong United
Graves into Gardens by The Worship Initiative

It'll be soooo much fun!

Have a GREAT music-filled week EVERYONE!!
Image Above Taken by Grace, Author of Montana Teen Life


  1. I am so happy and excited for you!!! I was part of the worship team in our church growing up and I loved it. You will be awesome! Love you!!! - Aunt K ❤


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