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November Movies

Snow on the ground, birds flying south, leaves falling, hot chocolate, cozy blankets, and pumpkin pie make up one of the best months of the year... and it's a perfect time to watch movies! Below are 5 movies I think sum up the month of November, or are just great movies to watch when you're snowed in.     
As a teen, I'm a fan of action, comedy, romance, thriller, space, sci-fi, dystopian, animation, crime, adventure, fantasy, and superhero. I realize I just stated about all the genres known to man, but there is nothing better than binging as long as possible.

1. Mulan (animated)
Definitely worth watching if you have yet to see it and are a Disney fan (like me). This story takes place during the Tang Dynasty in China and follows Mulan, who sets out in the place of her father to fight as a warrior against the Huns (warriors that terrorized Europe), all while hiding she is a woman. Even though the movie should really be called Mushu (her dragon companion), it is still a great comedy animation to watch with friends and a good cup of hot chocolate.

2. Harry Potter Saga
Yes, yes, I know this is more than one movie (more like 8) but if you watch one, you must watch them all. Albus Dumbledore said in Harry Potter The Sorcerer's Stone, "It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live." The Wizarding World lives in times of terror, you could even say that during this pandemic, so do we. Which is why, it is best to watch them all, and remember, everything ends eventually and there are some happy endings too.

3. A Walk to Remember
If I'm being honest, I'm a movie cryer, and if you are to, I suggest keeping your siblings (that will inevitably make fun of you) in the other room while you watch this movie. This romantic movie about a troublesome teen boy who falls for a girl he and his friends once made fun of, is heart-wrenching. I suggest keeping tissues handy for this movie.

4. 2012
I'll be honest, I didn't finish this movie, but the first half was incredible and full of suspense. 2012, is the year the world ends due to volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and giant tsunamis that take out cities. 2012 follows the life of a divorced father trying to get his two kids to safety. This movie was released November 2009, and lasts 2 hours and 30 minutes (which seems long until you watch Endgame).

5. Iron man
Speaking of marvel, I saved my personal favorite for last. In Iron Man, RDJ (Robert Downey Jr.) plays an incredible rich boy Tony Stark. This is a MUST WATCH! It may not be a November movie, but it sure is a great movie.

Before you run off to go watch a movie, make sure to get a nice cozy blanket, hot chocolate, friends, and popcorn. I'll post next month's movie list the beginning of December. Have a great November!



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